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The Brothers for Life organization started as a dream of a few, and is now being realized by many.  Here is our dream, the realization of it and the history that is…


Brothers For Life was founded on the 19th day of December, in the nineteen hundredth and ninety-third year on the footsteps of an incredible journey into manhood. Our founders are none other  than the charismatic David A. Bell, Kevin D. Hollis, and Reginald A. Rieder. Founded on the principle that together we can achieve but divided we would become victims of the society in which we lived; stricken and bound by the limitations of our mind and that of the pessimistic world that deemed us inferior and obsolete. It was not by coincidence nor by convenience that this organization was founded but out of circumstance. Our founders saw a need to align themselves with others who had a desire to redefine the odds and walk in purpose. They realized if they took this journey alone one false step or miscalculation in an unforgiving society could cost them their dreams.    


As you know Brothers For Life does not end with the founding members but has grown into a powerfully designed group of educated men, a far distance cry from the boys who started the journey. Our founding principle has not changed but instead has been further engraved in the hearts of the ones who names have faded into the background and are now called simply "Brother".


As the years past, the family has grown. What started at Dwight Rich Middle School (Lansing, MI) and matured at J.W. Sexton H.S. (Lansing, MI) has come full circle. Many members have started families, even a greater number have graduated from higher education institutions and are forging ahead in there respective careers.


Our history is not that of a Cinderella story, but has seen and endured the roller coasters of life. The miles that have separated us for many years along with the trials of tribulations of our individual lives should have broken us, separated us and even destroyed us, but our faith in God and our faith in each other have sustained and proved ourselves conquerors.

Leadership Team

Kevin D. Hollis, MD, MBA


Andre' K. Tyus

Vice President

Reginald A. Rieder


Carlas M. Quinney Jr., MS

Community Outreach Director

Robert D. Hollis IV

Strategy Director






- Community Outreach

- Educational Development

- Social Responsibility

- Personal Empowerment


Communities Served







North Carolina




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