Committed to Giving Back

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9th Annual Robert D. Hollis V Memorial Scholarship


11th Annual Robert D. Hollis V Memorial Scholarship



10th Annual Robert D. Hollis V Memorial Scholarship

The Lives We Impact

“I just cannot thank you enough! Your gift truly means a lot to me. I just want to say how much your organization has inspired me. One day when I become successful, I want to give back to the community just like you. Thank you for all you do. "


Jade Guccione,

2011 & 2013 Scholarship Recipient

“Words cannot express our appreciation for your donation.  In fact, our one word was Hallelujah!! Thank you so much, your kindness is heartfelt. We look forward to a continued partnership going forward.”


Theresa Randlman, CEO

T. ROSE Entertainment, LLC

Samaritans Feet

  • Robert D. Hollis V Memorial Scholarship
  • Mary Carter Golf Tournament
  • Community Service - TBA

Our Vision

Strive to ensure every inner city youth has the tools and opportunity to make a positive impact on their family and community. 

It’s important to us to keep you informed of upcoming initiatives. This list details a few of our upcoming projects that we would love for you to participate in.

What's Next?

- Prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling proper values and promoting goal-oriented habits.
- Promote a renewed focus on education, value-based leadership and community activism.  We will make every effort to train young people in leadership, service and solidarity.

Our Mission